Gil Bean

By the Breath of Their People


Poetry from By the Breath of Their People..

Man Behind the Glass

A whisper in his old and unknown voice
Comes rippling through this long and sleepless night;
Concentric circles carry forth his song
Of ancient wrongs now longing to be right.

The wounds that he felt centuries ago
Embed themselves so deeply in my chest
That even a guarded breath reminds me
Of timeless pain that will not let him rest.

The hopes that he carried in his lifetime
Rush forth to merge with mine within my soul;
I take them in, praying that fulfillment
Will fill the emptiness and make us whole.

The perils and pleasures of our journeys,
And every path we follow on our own,
Are the destiny that we now follow
Together, so that neither walks alone.


One thing shifts and all else follow after,
Nothing moves alone in isolation;
By a thread each atom is connected
In a strand comprising all creation.

All has meaning, nothing’s unimportant,
Though it may seem so when it first appears;
Its purpose may be known in a moment
Or safely hidden for a thousand years.

On this cosmic jewel we spin together
In a karmic ether dark and clouded;
Thinking we see out with perfect vision,
We miss meaning perfectly enshrouded.

Through apparent mishap comes this shifting,
And I am left to wonder what it’s for –
What truth lies within its unknown purpose?
What meaning waits beyond the opened door?